The courses offered by universities in Malaysia meet international standards, highly qualified faculty and affordable as compared to similar programmes being offered by others in USA, UK, Canada and Europe. Most importantly the cost of living is far lesser than any of the other countries. Also the proximity to India, ease of living and getting around should be taken into consideration.

What does a student seek from his/her studies; a good degree with high employability!

What key featured does a parent look at while making a choice of sending their ward for studies abroad ; the quality of education, a safe environment, closeness to home, easy travel and study visas, ease of living and most importantly Return of Interest in terms of employment.

Although there are many courses offered by the Malaysian Universities, the foreign student would always look at the ones that have the highest scope of getting a good job and have an international demand. In view of this MBBS, MBA, Nursing, Paramedics, Physiotherapy, Medical Assistant , Pharmacy are the key courses identified by us to provide a direction based on surveys carried out.
The MBBS has Medical Council of India’s accreditation and is recognized and acceptable in UAE and Maldives and UK.

Nursing degree/diploma is very in high demand. One can become a CNA (certified Nursing Assistant) or RNA (registered Nursing Assistant). If you like to help others, become a nurse and help people. This programme aims at making one a highly professional nursing graduate who possesses critical thinking, social skills and are passionate towards providing health related services. This degree is recognized in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, UAE and allows for opportunities to gain employment in government and private hospitals. According to BLS, the demand for CNAs and RNAs is expected to grow by 22% each year.

Scholarships are available on merit basis. Education abroad has to be value based so that a conscious choice can be made by a student and parent.

Bachelor of Pharmacy aims at preparing a student for different pharmaceutical fields such as hospital, community, industry, regulatory, academics and research. Extensive exposures are provided to military pharmacy as well as pharmacy management in disaster and humanitarian relief situations. Students can get employment in government or private hospitals, retail pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, research centers

Diploma in Medical Assistant provides students with a huge knowledge in patient care allowing them to seek a career as Assistant Medical officers in public/private hospitals, estate , oil and gas, and other medical related fields.

A Paramedic is an allied medical professional provides pre-hospital care for critical patients in various medical emergencies, accidents and natural disasters. Students are exposed to clinical and industrial trainings.

Physiotherapists help provide people affected with injury, illness or disability through movement exercises, manual therapy, education and advice. Graduates can find employment in special schools, rehabilitation centers, NGOs, sports fields, research centers, nursing homes, home health agencies.

The MBA is specifically tailored towards grooming executives for a future leadership role. The rigorous programme is based on a set of solid business core subjects. It incorporates several elctive groups and workplace competency workshops and prepares the student with industry specific knowledge and insights.