The growth in technology and research in the field of health sciences and medicine, more and more branches of studies have come up. Pharmacy is one such branch of study that is attracting a large number of students across the countries. With increase in number of students wanting to be pharmacist, the number of universities offering the course both in India and abroad has gone high.

Since most people these days prefer quality education, considering the fact that the end result of any education cannot be achieved in isolation of the process, people are preferring to study abroad and master the course.

Bachelor of pharmacy, master in clinical pharmacy and doctor of pharmacy are the programs as offered by Cyberjaya University College of medical sciences in Malaysia. The bachelor’s program is a4 year course enabling students to gain knowledge in the field of drug therapy, medicine and pharmaceutical care while producing competent individuals in the areas such as hospitality, community etc.

Master’s program of the university enable students to research new ideas and develop viable alternatives approaches to serve as a basis for successful career in clinical pharmacy. Furthermore, students can opt for doctor of pharmacy degree as provided by the university.

One can even choose Quest international University for bachelors if one is set to pursue pharmacy study abroad. The 4-year Bachelor of Pharmacy program trains undergraduates in basic medical sciences, pharmaceutical sciences and patient-focused sciences as well as pharmacy practice areas. The key result would be the individuals equipped with knowledge, skills, attitude, and experience to become an expert in all aspects of medicines, to interact with health care professional and would ensure life-long learning.

With all such opportunities available for anyone desiring to make career in pharmacy, you needn’t worry. All you need to do is to take admission in any of the universities or degree and see your dream coming true.

These universities not only provide with theoretical knowledge but also provide you gain practical experience in the relevant areas. Investing you time, money and energy in any of it, won’t make you regret.