Are you compassionate? Do you find yourself wanting to help people around you? Do you have an interest in medicine too? If you answer all these questions in affirmation, then here it is, for you a degree that combines both: the compassionate and the practical side of you, a course that enables you to be a medical assistant officer and indulge yourself in health care along with making you knowledgeable and competent person.

Medical assistants perform routine clinical and administrative duties under the direct supervision of a physician or other health care professional. Medical assistants perform many administrative duties, including answering telephones, greeting patients, updating and filing patients’ medical records, filling out insurance forms, handling correspondence, scheduling appointments, arranging for hospital admission and laboratory services, and handling billing.

According to the International Standard 0f Classifications, medical assistants normally require formal training in health services provision for competent performance in their jobs. Formal education usually occurs in post-secondary institutions such as vocational schools, technical institutes, community college, proprietary colleges, online educational programs or junior colleges. Medical assistant training programs most commonly lead to a certificate or a diploma, which take around one year to complete, or an associate degree, which takes around two years. Study topics include medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, and programs may include a clinical internship, sometimes referred to as “externship”, wherein the student works as a medical assistant in a medical clinic.

In Malaysia, Medical Assistants are known as Assistant Medical Officers (AMO).They complete a three and half year Diploma in Medical Assistant (DMA) undergraduate program recognized by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency. They work independently or with limited supervision of a physician to provide healthcare services to largely underserved populations.

Cyberjaya university college of Medical Sciences in Malaysia offers a diploma course in medical assistant.

The 3 year course as offered by this university produces individuals ready to serve as Medical Assistant Officer in public health care centers. Furthermore, the students can also go higher studies in various other branches as this program opens the gateway for a bachelor’s degree in Pre Hospital care, emergency medicine, forensic sciences, sports medicine, dietician, biomedical etcetera.

So with so much options available both for a career and education after the course, it is highly preferred by the students wanting to go for a course in this field.