Have a dream to pursue medicine? Scared of whether you’d crack an entrance? Worried over whether you’d get placed in a good college? Done with extreme level of competition?

Do all these questions bother you? Worry not! There are excellent opportunities available just outside your native country which give you highly competent and success driven environment.

There are number of universities offering an MBBS degree in countries like Malaysia. Here’s a peep into various private universities one can check out if one aspires to be a doctor.

Asia metropolitan university, as recognized by Medical Council of India and Maldives medical and dental council, ranks 5th among universities that offer MBBS abroad. The faculty invests in developing the highly caring and competent medical professionals during its five year medical program. The students are provided quality education in general medicine, surgery, pediatrics and other medical programs, along being made to sink in all the laws and regulations that one needs to keep in mind both as an MBBS student and as a professional.

Cyberjaya University of medical sciences, as suggested by the name itself, too offers a degree course in the MBBS study. The 5 year program running since 2005, uses a student centered and problembased approach to enable a learning that can be applied throughout the physician’s life.

The program is divided into two phases: the basic medical phase and the clinical sciences phase, the former of which is taught at the university campus itself. In the second phase however, the focus lies on the clinical practice which students gain through working with various hospitals and health centers affiliated with Ministry of health and Ministry of defense. A degree is then granted by the university as recognized by Malaysian Medical Council.

Another university is Quest International University that serves one of the right places for the medical aspirants. Established in 2008, this university works in collaboration with the State of Perak and offers a 5 year MBBS program divided into two phases. With the highly competitive and international academic staff and way of teaching, the program enable students to develop skills and standards required to be on zenith in the field of medicine. Interactive and team based learning, horizontal integration basic sciences disciplines or among clinical disciplines or vertical interaction among basic sciences or among clinical science disciplines, etc are key highlights of the program as offered by the university.

So with all such places available that provides one excellent choices and growth opportunities along with the international standard of education that comes as a bonus, the dream to become a doctor is true. The things that until now clutched one, can be freed from a and one can study MBBS abroad without any worry.